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Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade

For a limited time, the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade is back where it belongs!

Through September 30, 2019, everybody’s favorite parade is lighting up Main Street twice a night!

While guests with mobility aids are welcome to view the parade from any point of the route, today I am sharing my favorite area and everything you need to know about it.

Main Street Hub

The handicap viewing area is located in front of the Disney Showcase on Main Street. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a wheelchair, ECV, or rollator there’s room for everyone! That is if you arrive on time!

Although Disneyland doesn’t allow guests to claim viewing areas for the 8:45pm showing until 7:00pm, handicap guests who arrive at the area notated on the map above aren’t shoed off if they arrive earlier.

Alice in Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat

This area was not designed for large parties. It is best only have one or two people accompany the disabled guest in this area and have the rest of your party view in another area.

Depending on how many disabled attend the same viewing, those with you who aren’t disabled may have to move to the back of the area to make room.

Caterpillar smoking a hookah

One downside to this area is that if you were planning on watching the fireworks which take place immediately after the first showing, you need to fight through hoards of people to go a few feet to the center.

Cast members will try to guide you down the alleyway on the east side, which is a fantastic path, but the hub in front of the castle will be full long before you reach it.

Cinderella’s mice

I haven’t tried to access this area for the later viewing, but I do not believe it would be easy as the fireworks end not long before the second showing begins. It’s hard enough to get around the park with a mobility aid, but when dealing with crowds leaving and entering the area at the same time it can quickly become a nightmare.

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother

Besides being easier to reach before the first viewing, I have another reason for preferring this area. That is because the early run of the parade usually starts back near “it’s a small world” and ends just past the Main Street handicap viewing area. The result is having the best view of the parade!!

The clock strikes midnight

Instead of having only a side view of each float, you get a full front, side, and rear view. I have watched parades from various areas along the route and not one of them compares to the view I have in this area.

Peter Pan

Things to keep in mind

Be sure to use the restroom before entering the viewing area. Once others arrive, there will be no room to exit with your mobility aid. You will also have to walk through crowds to one of the two restrooms located in the area.

The closest is around the corner from Disneyana and the other is located across the hub next to Town Hall.


Purchase any parade merchandise or snacks and beverages you wish to enjoy during the parade before entering the area. None of the food or merchandise carts come near the handicap viewing area.

Sneezy and other Snow White dwarfs

Whether you are planning on battling for a spot to view fireworks or not, expect chaos after the parade ends. If you are able to stand, you may wish to inch and push your way onto Main Street for an amazing view!

Otherwise, do not plan on having a decent view and take your time being led out of the area either through the exit gates or towards Tomorrowland through the alleyway.

Funhouse from Pinocchio

I personally recommend viewing the parade Monday thru Thursday as the parks are usually more crowded Friday thru Sunday.

Although, with the crowds being anything but predictable this year, you may get lucky!

Pete’s Dragon

Have a way to stay in contact with others in your party if they do not join you in the handicap viewing area.

While I have had my family leave me there while they go off to ride their favorite attractions, I have never been stuck waiting for them to retrieve me when not able to maneuver my wheelchair myself. With foot traffic being the mess it is after the first showing, it wouldn’t surprise me if a cast member would assist you to the side.

Pete and his dragon

Where ever you end up viewing the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade, relax and enjoy it!

Do you have any tips to share?

Parade finale

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