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Do you wish you could be part of Ariel’s world?

Well grab your dinglehopper, climb into a clam-mobile,
and immerse yourself under the sea!!!

Inside you will follow Ariel’s adventures and feel as though you are swimming right alongside her.

Can’t resist singing with the soundtrack?

No worries, singing is encouraged!!

This ride opened in 2011.

Each clamshell seats two to three people comfortably.

The six-minute-long ride is a great place to cool off in on a hot day.

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Type of Attraction

Ride. This ride is dark ride.


  • Audio Description/ Assistive Listening
  • Transfer from ECV to wheelchair or remain in wheelchair
  • Service Animal Permitted
  • Video Captioning

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  • Height: No restrictions
  • Service Animals: Permitted with caution
  • Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV

Warning: Although this is a slow-moving attraction, it is dark and loud. There are parts that may be frightening to young children.

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About the attraction

This is an indoor and air-conditioned attraction. However, most of the queue is located outdoors. The good news is that there is rarely a long line for this attraction.

There is a moving walkway in the clamshell boarding area. If you are unable to walk on it and do not have a mobility aid, please speak to a cast member before entering the attraction.

The Little Mermaid (With Bonus Content)

The Queue

The queue is partly shaded and is ADA compliant. We had no issues pushing a wheelchair through it.

Depending on how long the queue is, you may encounter some inclines that could be difficult.

You will need to use a little muscle power to enter the attraction building. There is a raised lip in the doorway that if not using force can be difficult to move a wheelchair or rollator over.

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Follow the instructions given by Guest Relations

Click here to learn what DAS is.

The little mermaid and friends disneybound

Wheelchair, ECV, and Service Animals

Enter the standard queue.

Click here for details about Disneyland’s accessibility program.

Once inside and near the loading area you will be greeted by a friendly cast member who will ask if you are able to leave your wheelchair, and if so if you will need the moving platform to be slowed down or stopped completely.

For those who are not able to transfer out of their wheelchair, there is a wheelchair accessible clam-mobile!! This is for wheelchairs only; if you are using an EVC you will need to transfer to a wheelchair that will be provided by the attraction.

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Click here for some Little Mermaid bounding ideas!